The Gnostic Gospel (Peter Jones)

According to Peter Jones, Gnosticism is public enemy #1 today, and I am compelled to agree. Peter Jones has studied Gnosticism and its effect on today’s western society for over 20 years, and he backs up his observations with many examples, both historical and current.

Gnosticism is closely intertwined and deeply rooted in paganism – a connection few seem to make. On its surface, Gnosticism commonly takes the form of mysticism. Today we hear a lot about the ’emerging church’ or ’emergent Christianity’ – regardless of the term used, the fact is, mysticism is being used in the church to bring in the old Gnostic ways. For example, Biblical prophecy is being replaced by ‘prophetic imagination’ which isn’t prophetic at all.

In his message, Peter Jones mentions two points that define Gnosticism:

  1. Mysticism – a willingness to accept anyone of any creed, in order to share a common ‘experience’
  2. Social Justice – the outworking of the Gnostic / Pagan movement

The United Nations is (as you might imagine) heavily involved in this. They are founded on the basis of bringing all peoples together, and religion is not exempt from that. The meditation room at UN HQ is maintained by the Lucis Trust, formerly the Lucifer Trust. The name pretty much says it all, and yet that is the foundation of this ‘coming together’.

Anyways, take a bit of time and have a watch, there’s a lot of good stuff in here: