The Archon Invasion and the Return of the Nephilim

I just listened to Rob Skiba’s full four hour (yeah, it’s long) lecture on The Archon Invasion and the Return of the Nephilim. You can find the two part series in the Youtube videos embedded below. I highly recommend settling in and going through the whole thing; you will find that although the subject starts way back in Genesis 6, it is once again coming on the scene with increasing importance. I only recently came across the term transhumanism (roughly defined as making humans better in some way, ie as a cyborg, or by creating hybrid humans with some other thing) recently, though I quickly realized it is all around us. You can’t pickup a book or watch a movie without seeing the transhumanist theme flowing through there… and think back to how long this has been accepted and idolized in myth and lore!

Some well known examples: Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Superman, Ironman, the Hulk, nearly every Lord of the Rings character, everything related to vampires, pretty much every comic book character… that’s just a tiny list, and I admittedly don’t watch much TV or movies, so I’m relatively naive about this stuff. But I see enough to know that it’s all over the place. Science fiction films and TV shows nearly all include some form of transhumanism now, many rely on that as a cornerstone of their storyline.

Of course, all this goes WAY back to the ancient civilizations who worshiped these transhuman creatures: Pan (half man, half goat), Molech / Chemosh (half man, half cow), Dagon (half man, half fish), Sphinx (half man, half lion), Minotaur (half man, half bull) and many more.

Rob Skiba builds a strong case that in Genesis 6, the “watchers” or “Archons” or “sons of God” decided to take human women as their wives. This produced beings that were half Archon, and half human. I’m still not entirely clear what an Archon is, but for now, let’s just call them rebellious angels of a fairly high order. Anyways, the offspring were called “Nephilim” and became giants.

Yes, we’re talking about real giants here folks. Goliath was about 9-12 feet tall; Og king of Bashan was more like 15 feet tall, and there are archeological remains of giants much, much larger. Combining archeology, myth and historical sources, we can estimate these things may have grown as high as 150 feet. Can you imagine how much that would eat in a day?! Think that’s crazy? For a modern day example of how this is possible checkout to see a 900 lb half lion, half tiger with no growth inhibiting genes functioning. The thing just keeps growing.

The Nephilim were all destroyed in the Flood; however Rob Skiba explains how he believes some of their DNA was carried through by one or more of Noah’s son’s wives. Noah himself was of pure lineage, as was his wife we believe (she was the daughter of Enoch). That makes his sons pure, but what about the wives? After the Flood, Nimrod apparently discovered how to activate the Nephilim gene somehow, and grew to be a giant or giant hunter. Rob explains this in far more detail than I am here.

Thus we have giants still on the earth when the Israelites are taking the Promised Land.

Ok, now fast foward to today. Rob Skiba explains how as part of their punishment, the Archon were chained in darkness for 70 generations. Without getting into the math here, that ends roughly in the early 1900’s. Since that time we’ve had incredible technological progress. Prior to the Flood, there is a lot of evidence that there was also great technological progress, except for hundreds of years… we’ve only had a little over a hundred years of massive progress. Think of what could be possible by people so much closer to the source of this intelligence, who lives 5 times as long as we do and could learn and work for that whole life span? Personally, I believe that in many ways they were actually technologically superior to where we are today, though I’ll leave that discussion for another day!

Today we not only have transhumanism all over pop culture, but we also have plenty of reports of “alien” abductions and the like. The whole topic of aliens is an interesting one. I’ve been on-and-off interested in the subject for a number of years. Originally, it was this bizarre fascination with the strange stories I read. Then, as I read more and more credible accounts of these encounters, I started wondering what the heck was going on. Was there life from other planets? It seemed the evidence was mounted too high to simply discard, yet I didn’t know what to do with it, from a Biblical worldview standpoint. Then, a couple years ago I came across some Christians with ministries to those who had been abducted by aliens. These Christians helped put things in perspective for me, revealing that the so-called aliens are demonic in nature, and they are indeed subject to the name of Jesus. Now, most recently, I’ve started seeing how the “aliens” are in fact related to the Nephilim of scripture, and that they are back at their old tricks of creating animal-human hybrids. Furthermore, this is the end-game plan of the anti-christ – in fact the anti-christ himself may well be a hybrid being.

So with that introduction, I hope you’ll take the time to watch through Rob Skiba’s excellent series below. Keep your mind open and your Bible at hand, and may the Holy Spirit lead you into all truth as you submit to Him. (Jn 16:13)