Being Aware Of His Presence

I came across this short message from Bill Johnson, and there are a few profound points in it. I recommend watching it through; being aware of God’s presence in our lives is such an important thing for us.

A couple things that stood out to me. John (the Baptist) was feeding his thought life with the things that Jesus wasn’t doing; ie getting John out of prison. Why am I stuck in this situation, with seemingly no way out? Worse, why does it look like I’m about to die? Most of us don’t find ourselves in truly life threatening spots like John was in, yet the questions are relevant for everyone. Jesus’ response (Luke 7:22-23) to John explained what He was doing.

I know for myself, I often spend effort trying to get into the presence of the Lord, when in reality, I am already there by faith. More importantly, we need to focus on what is on His heart at that moment, ie what is He actually doing? Don’t have a self-centric relationship with God, make it all about Him.

The other thing that struck me from this message is that true humility will never hold you back from your destiny. The flip side is that false humility will hold you back, as it is akin to unbelief. It’s worth examining our motives for the things we do, or don’t do, to see if we’re functioning in true humility or false humility. One enables us to do the will of God, and the other will severely limit, or even entirely prevent us from doing the will of God.