A Message of Idolatry & Repentance – David Wilkerson

I came across this short message from David Wilkerson, and it impacted me enough that I wanted to re-post it here, in the hopes that perhaps even one other person might be blessed by it.

One of the idols he singles out is TV. I have not had a TV in my house since I moved out of my parent’s place (7+ years ago), and I’m very happy that’s the case. As such, I’ve been sensitized to seeing it’s effects on those around me, and I wholeheartedly agree with David. It’s funny when the cable companies call, and I tell them I don’t have a TV… and they’re dumbfounded. Absolutely everything on TV – yes, even the “news” and the so-called good shows – is tainted by the occult and the dissociative spirits that come down from higher up in the networks. That’s a subject for a much larger post than this, but believe me when I say I can feel it (spiritually) when a TV is on in the room, and even watching the news, I feel that spirit hit me instantly.

Although I talk about TV here, it doesn’t escape me that the spirit of idolatry is not limited to TV, and even if you don’t have a TV, there are plenty of other ways this can creep into your life.

So, without saying anything further, here’s the message. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.