Book Review: A Wonderful Deception by Warren Smith

I was recently given a copy of A “Wonderful” Deception by Warren Smith, and it inspired me to kick off this site with a book review.

The Rick Warren / Purpose Driven / Emerging Church / Contemplative Spirituality / Quantum Spirituality movement / New Age movement has been growing stronger and stronger in recent years, and I believe it to be one of the most deceptive heresies facing the Christian church in our time.

Warren Smith has done a very good job researching the intricate web of connections that bind all of these “New Light” leaders together. For the average person, these connections are not at all apparent, and any one of these popular church leaders may say things that seem sensible. However, when someone such as Warren Smith takes the time to truly document the deceptive web of connections, the story takes on a whole new perspective.

Prior to reading the book, many of the names he mentioned were unfamiliar to me, or at best, I knew them by name recognition only, not really what they stood for. Guys like Neale Donald Walsh were merely another name to me… but Warren Smith has done a masterful job of not only revealing the spider web, but of introducing the characters, and giving you a good idea of what they teach, and how they have impacted the church – and in this sense I use the term ‘church’ extremely loosely.

I think part of the problem these days is that too many people take things at face value.

When someone like Rick Warren on one hand does everything he can to distance himself from a guy like Robert Schuller, but then on the other hand, quotes him or paraphrases his work without attribution, then we begin to see where the true motivation lies.

You can go ahead and say whatever you like, but in cases like this it becomes easy enough to judge the tree by its fruit.

You see, the simple fact that a person says someone has not influenced them means nothing, when everything that person stands for mirrors what their supposed mentor stands for. Warren Smith’s research has revealed these connections in such a way that it becomes inescapably obvious to all but the most willfully blind of observers: Rick Warren is steeped in the New Age movement, and many of his closest colleagues are indeed leaders who draw not only from the New Age, but in some cases directly from the occult itself, which is of course the root of all New Age teachings.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a sound Christian perspective on the Purpose Driven movement, and a better sense of how the New Age is affecting the church in general. I found A “Wonderful” Deception to be an easy read, well documented, and well thought out.

  • Lise Anderson

    Dear Mr Warren Smith:

    I appreciate your book. I thank God for writer like you keep strong on the truth. I will recommand that book all the christian friends I have we need to be aware know there are many deception among the church toaday. I believe to check the preacher by the bible and the bible alone. we need to search the bible and that he will be found. Otherwise if we don’t we can be deceive so easily living in these last days. We need keep strong and close to his word as well what Jesus talk about the prophecy and study them carefully. Jesus warn us they will have wolf among us. We need to be aware in mathew 24. They will have false christs and false prophets will arise and will sighn and wonders don’t be deceive and lead astray. Tere are many in the chuches leaders call themselves leaders but are they? Remember study the word and know the true christ.

    I thank the Lord Jesus Man like you Mr Warren that can speak the truth and reveal it We need to be bold and speak truth in this last days because the enemy know his time is short. May God Bless you in everything you do. I have been totally bless by reading your book it is an eye opener that for sure. Blessing Lise!